Loyal 2 Local




The recently purchased radio stations of Black Diamond Broadcasting

are owned and operated by lifelong Michigan residents, 

and operated by members of the local communities they reside in.


To celebrate, we have carried over the “Loyal 2 Local” campaign

to heighten the awareness of how important it is for our listeners 

to also support other locally owned and operated businesses. 


Did you know that locally owned small businesses on average,

give more to nonprofits in their local community?


Did you realize every time you make a purchase locally... you’re

making an investment into a small business that’s striving to grow? 


Did you realize when you shop locally, you keep your dollars in a

local economy which helps maintain your local parks, roads and resources?


In the spirit of staying Loyal 2 Local businesses, we’re seeking others

that want to share their story as to why they’re unique and

why they’re an asset to the community. 


We’d like to hear from you. Please email us

and tell who you are and how you’re keeping it local.


If you’re a consumer who wants to buy locally,

check out these great local businesses!












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